The Foundation´s Projects
The main mission is to promote education in the Nordic countries and in conjunction therewith 
strengthen the ties between the Hellenic and the Nordic cultures  by contributing to projects and 
individuals through scholarships.  The Foundation's motto is "Education as a catalyste for change".

Areas which the foundation will operate within: Education in the Hellenic language; Education in 
Hellenic culture and society; Preparations for studies at Hellenic universities, technical schools , 
colleges or equivalent; Hellenic values ​​( eg "Philotimo / Φιλότιμο"); Research in the above areas.

Current projects that we support:
Hellenic School of Sweden
Operations in Stockholm, Solna, Uppsala and Tumba. Founded in the autumn of 2009. The school currently enrolls some 100 families and organize language teaching after ordinary school hours for about 180 students . The school also offers distance learning (via Skype), beginners course in Hellenic for parents/adults and dance lessons. The school caters to students in preschool, elementary school and high school who want to learn Hellenic or who want to improve their knowledge of the Hellenic language and culture. Hellenic School of Sweden is one of a total of sixty schools in the world which are certified by the Hellenic State/Ministry of Education to conduct educational activities abroad. The school has degree-awarding powers with the right to issue grades in Hellenic as native language as part of the Swedish grading system (according to the Swedish National Agency regulations). 
More information:

Hellenic Foundation Event
An annual event organized at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in the month of February, each year with a theme linked to the Foundation’s mission.