The Hellenic Foundation of the Nordic Countries
The Hellenic Foundation of the Nordic Countries (“Den Nordiska Hellenska Stiftelsen”) was founded
by Spiros Mylonopoulos, Konstantin Papaxanthis, Kyriakos Eleftheriadis, Carl Mikael Bergendahl Mylonopoulos and
Sophia Bergendahl Mylonopoulos, a group of distinguished profiles in the business community, with the common purpose
of promoting  education via support to institutions, schools and research centers.

The Vision
To advance the understanding of Hellenic values and the Hellenic society as means of deepening the relations between the countries and unlocking opportunities for innovative growth. To be a catalyst for increased collaboration in the areas of education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Mission

  • Enhance the understanding of Hellenic culture, values and society
  • Support education and higher studies in the Hellenic language
  • Support research in the areas of Hellenic studies, culture and society as well as support research in the natural sciences.
  • Support scholarships and exchange programs between Greek and Nordic educational institutions
  • Drive knowledge transfer between the countries through various projects
  • Promote brain circulation and mobilization of know-how and skill to the benefit of Greece and the Nordic countries

The main goal is to promote educational initiatives that strengthen the ties between Greece and the Nordic countries.  The Foundation's motto is "Education as a catalyst for change".

The foundation's assets consist of funds supplied under this mandate to the Foundation; as well as funds
through grants and donations; the profits and the annual yield of the fund's assets generated by sales of such assets.